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Web Development

Custom web development is the bread and butter of Torrid Media. We understand the importance of great code to go with a great design. Good underlying code may not wow the customer, but bad code will definitely turn them off. Worse yet, poorly written code can lead to security vulnerabilities that can compromise your website.

With a lifetime of programming experience, Torrid Media is able to build everything from simple (but secure) mailer forms, to traditional e-commerce, to complex custom applications designed specifically for your company's needs. And we pride ourselves on the ability to deliver the applications that you need in a manner that will fit your budget.

Web Development Services


Our experience with e-commerce systems is second to none. We have been responsible for the development and maintenance of e-commerce systems that have processed millions of dollars in orders. From off-the-shelf to off-the-charts, we can handle your e-commerce needs.

Forums / Bulletin Board Systems

Community systems such as bulletin boards or forums encourage users to interact with your site. Whether it's a fan-site, a customer service tool, or an intranent communication method for your company, we can deliver the results you want.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Without fresh content on your site, users will quickly forget about you. A content management system gives you the ability to keep your site up to date without needing to have extensive knowledge of the web, mark up languages, or complex editing programs. A few simple forms is all you need to add, edit, or delete text and images from your site.

Custom Application Development

In this era, there is not a lot that a browser based application can't achieve. We have developed numerous sophisticated and robust applications for everything from manufacturing efficiency reports, to hotel booking systems, to web based graphics editing applications. If you have a project that you would be interested in discussing with us, please feel free to contact us.

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